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I'm Greg Klein. I build websites which serve as inclusive, safe online communities for marginalized groups such as the local LGBTQIA+ community. I did this by creating an online community allowing people to express themselves freely, safe in the knowledge we permanently ban users who exhibit the prejudiced, malicious behavior that LGBTQIA+ often see when expressing their gender identity and sexuality offline ("in real life"). Are you preventing prejudiced behavior in online communities?

Identity Project

a bullseye on a target A computer keyboard

My focus is currently on learning to code at Deep Dive and eliminating all distractions in the same way an archer focuses on shooting their arrow into the bullseye of a target while not getting distracted by their environment. Once I graduate Deep Dive, I'll focus on demonstrating my value to employers, gaining employment at a local startup, and developing my soft skills and coding skills.

Week 1 Reflection (Deep Dive Coding)

When reflecting upon the first week of PHP Cohort 22, what sticks out the most is my tendency to split my energy and motivation among as many goals as possible. While this can sometimes be productive short-term, it leads to accomplishing a little bit here and there instead of accomplishing a lot toward a single goal. By the time I realize I’m falling into this bad habit, I’ve already misused a lot of time and energy. When I’m depressed, I might isolate myself and become more anxious because I’m not making noticeable progress. When I’m extremely motivated, there is no shortage of creativity, but patience and focus seems impossible even if I’m doing everything else right.

I’ve rarely been in situations where both learning behaving in a professional, level-headed manner are expected. I did briefly work at Realtime Sites (now Realtime Solutions) during high school, and I loved that job. I loved that job, but I wouldn’t say it pushed the boundaries of my ability to learn and remain thoughtful despite feeling stressed.

I’ve worked in call centers where I’d go to work depressed, get more and more stressed as the shift went on, then go home feeling defeated and stuck in a rut. They were not challenging jobs. The hardest part was the realization I was not as mature and emotionally stable as I had hoped. I always felt stuck--trapped--doomed. I knew I was behaving like a grumpy child, but I was also fairly isolated and tended to make friends with like-minded people, so it took a while before I realized how immature my actions were.

Now, I am a student of PHP Cohort 22, and it is my responsibility to learn as much as I can while also interacting with the students and staff in an emotionally mature manner. I admit I have failed to do this so far. During these high energy times, the constant flow of motivation makes me passionate about things that seem important but in reality are not a good use of time and energy. I tell myself I see patterns and problems that are, in reality, distorted and out of focus as a result of my mind struggling to find something to work on. Finding a way to utilize this motivation while also learning to behave in a way that will maximize my chances for success is currently my goal.

Fate happened to arrange itself in a way that provided the funds and free time needed to pursue this coding bootcamp. Now, I need to focus on motivating myself to learn as much as I can while still being a reliable, cooperative student in the cohort. I know it’s only Day 5 and I’ve already made plenty of mistakes. If I can avoid making those same mistakes in the future, I’ll graduate with the experience necessary to be a considerate, productive programmer.